All Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy

That adage has been around since at least 1659 and it is just as true today as it was 363 years ago. Work without recreation makes us bored and boring.

An afternoon picnic with libertarians from three counties at Conway’s 5th Avenue Park was the perfect respite from boredom. Good food, friends – new and old, an entertaining game of chess and lots of conversation about things other than inflation, Joe Biden, Donald Trump or Ukraine was a joyful time of growth and regeneration.

I sincerely appreciate Faulkner County for making the event happen and I know that Sebastian County and other affiliates had similar events. My only regret is that I couldn’t be with every group.

At a summer picnic you can take time to leisurely visit with folks you “know,” but not really.

I was acquainted with Larry Williams. I “knew” him as the new chair of the Pope County affiliate of LPAR. Sitting at a picnic table, eating good burgers and (The Best Ever) hot dogs allowed me to begin to really know him.

Like me, Larry began his religious experience in a Free Will Baptist Church. I learned that his conscience has since led him to a spiritual home in the Lutheran Church while I still wander, unaffiliated. He shared some of his experiences as a 20+ year veteran of the U. S. Army. We talked about so much more than politics and policy. It is good to know more about my friend Larry Williams.

In Arkansas’ July heat, dozens of such conversations were taking place. No business was conducted, or needed to be. Just some nice folks got to enjoy time with and maybe learn a little more about each other. It was a good day.

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