DeWitt and Arkansas County Put On A Great Show

There is something special about a county fair. The Midway. Exhibition Buildings. Blue Ribbons for all manner of competition. And Crowds. The Arkansas County Fair in DeWitt had all that the night I attended.

Campaigning again with my friend Garrett Sheeks was the high point of the evening for me. He is an exceptional gentleman and will be a GREAT representative for the folks in District 61. Watching him interact with the voters was a pleasure.

Of course it was good to experience the roaring engines from the race track and the children and parents enjoying the hullabaloo of the midway. The smell of awesome taste-treats were tempting, but I swear I didn’t eat ANYTHING deep fried.

My only regret is that I could only attend one, short night. An old guy could learn a lot watching and listening to a man of Garrett’s caliber.

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