Hot Springs Village Is Special!

So Are John and Judy Bowers.

Two recent trips to Hot Springs Village remind me what a unique and pleasant place it is! The first was an event for community organizations to reach out to HSV residents and make them aware of the club or organization. The Hot Springs Village Libertarian Club allowed me to hang out at their booth and visit with voters. I was soaking up the ambiance of a gated community of almost 20,000 souls. In the Coronado Center were dozens of tables. Hundreds of residents (and a few interlopers like myself) enjoyed their camaraderie. I am so glad I got to be there, and again send my sincere thanks to John and Judy Bowers, who made it possible. The following week HSV POA hosted a Candidate Forum in the same venue. A good crowd of interested and engaged residents and voters attended the forum. They heard Republican, Democrat, and Libertarian candidates for local, district, state, and federal offices speak and then had the opportunity to meet them individually. Three Libertarian candidates attended. Ricky Harrington wowed the crowd with his compassionate message and clear, reasoned presentation. Greg Maxwell represented himself and the party well, and I did not faint while speaking. And, of course, John and Judy were there, providing us with support and an all-important local connection.

Stephen Edwards, candidate for Arkansas House; Frank Gilbert, candidate for Arkansas Lt. Governor; Ricky Harrington Jr, candidate for Arkansas Governor in Hot Springs Village

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