Live Free

It is time for average Arkansans to take control of our government.

Regnat Populus means “the people rule.” It is our state motto, but the state government isn’t run that way. Elected officials and unelected bureaucrats act as if they are our bosses. In truth, they are our hired help.

The Arkansas Township Amendment is a good template for allowing the voters to take direct action at the local level without having to wait for the Quorum Court, the Governor, or Legislature to act.

Keep All You Earn

Every personal tax levied on Arkansans should be eliminated or reduced.

Arkansans are hurting because of the pandemic and government actions, but the state has a budget surplus. The pandemic has been a boon for them, but not for the rest of us. It is time to let us keep more of our money. 

Of course, the powers-that-be will act like they can’t cut a dime from their budgets. They expect us to tighten our belts but they are above having to do so. Ending the state’s grocery tax would be a tremendous help to all Arkansans.

Consent of the Governed

The Governor is not our king. Legislators are not his Lords in Waiting.

By declaring a “state of emergency,” the governor gave himself dictatorial power. Businesses were burdened and too often closed by edicts, but Walmart and other big businesses flourished. The legislature could have stepped in to help average Arkansans, but party politics made that too dangerous to their political future.

Any governor who wants to invoke “emergency powers” must be required to call a special session of the legislature within 30 days to either approve, alter or disallow the governor’s action.