Mosquito Fest 2022

Good Fun at McCrory’s Mosquito Fest

There is nothing else like a small town Arkansas Festival! It was not just a pleasure, it was a lot of fun, to visit and campaign in McCrory during its annual Mosquito Fest this past weekend.

The parade included all the best of rural life: Local school students, fast cars and old pickups, four wheelers, fire department equipment and volunteers, police escorts and everyone throwing free candy to children.

After the parade the crowd moved to the midway. I was stunned by the amount of food, and number of games, rides and booths that populated the midway. There was also live music on stage. I got to do a quick swing dance (thank you, Melissa!).

High point of the day for me, though, was the double handful of booths set up for merchants and non profits. So much diversity in such a small town! Everyone displaying their wares or services made an impression, but two area merchants top my list.

Because I LIKE food, Jinny’s Creations caught my eye. She had a delectable array of pastries and breads that were wrapped for presentation and tasted even better than they looked. Cache River Leather had a display of beautifully worked leather goods. Stepping under the awning was a sensory delight with the smell of new leather. High quality leather and hand crafted items combined for a unique and beautiful selection of functional art.

Of course, I was in McCrory soliciting consideration and votes. It was obvious that everyone there was aware of the price of gasoline, the rate of inflation, the result of the pandemic, the falling stock market and the dire nature of international affairs. I hope that the residents I spoke to see me, and other Libertarian candidates, as an opportunity to alter the policies that have led to the current mess in our country.

I found the overall mood at Mosquito Fest cautiously optimistic. In spite of the mess politicians have made of things, folks in Woodruff County seem to know that we retain the ability to make it better.

Frank Gilbert

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