New Politics in Carroll County

Dakota Logan and the new Libertarian Party of Arkansas affiliate in Carroll County hosted a Meet & Greet in Holiday Island, Arkansas.  Five candidates for office (including Dakota), local news media and a large group of voters interested in political change attended.

The meeting was called to order at the appointed time by Dakota who thanked those in attendance, described the purpose of the gathering and then unleashed the candidates for office.

I spoke first, and expressed my surprise and pleasure over the size of the gathering, noted the temperature difference there in the Ozark region of North Arkansas and the more southerly climes I had left in Central Arkansas and encouraged everyone to do everything they could to help Ricky Dale Harrington, Jr. get three percent of the vote and secure ballot access of LPAR.

Kenneth Cates, the LP nominee for U. S. Senate; Michael Kalagias the nominee for U. S. House of Representatives for the Third District and Dakota who is running for State House, District 6 all made professional and polished presentations about their races and the future of the Libertarian Party both nationally and in Arkansas.

The fifth candidate of the evening was Bryan King. He defeated an incumbent State Senator in the Republican Primary this year and solicited support from Libertarians since we fielded no candidate in his district. He discussed his feelings about ballot access laws, ranked choice voting and other issues of interest to Libertarians.

Many Libertarians, including yours truly, have known Bryan for many years and consider him a friend. If elected he would be a strong voice for liberty in the State Senate and a willing listener to anyone who needs his help.

Everything about this meeting was exceptional. The size of the crowd, the presence of local media, the engagement and participation of the attendees, all point to a strong presence for the Libertarian Party in the mountains and hills of North Arkansas.

One other thing stands out in my memory of the evening: Hotboxx Pizza and Pub. They have great food, even better people, a good venue and small-town pricing. What a combination! I sincerely appreciate them.

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